Honoring Fatherhood Program

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"Generations of native men making a difference tied together by tradition, building future generations of fathers. "


The Honoring Fatherhood Program (HFP) was established to equip and encourage fathers to live with integrity and purpose and to strengthen the families, homes, and communities they are a part of.

Our curriculum helps participants gain a deeper understanding of relationships and parenting within a cultural context. HFP's approach is to bring back an old message that emphasizes the sacredness of fatherhood and equips its participants with real-world skills and support for success in their careers, communities, and most importantly their families. Our programs act as a guide in establishing priorities, practices, and activities that put the most important things first.


We offer education on the following topics:

  • Parenting Classes from the Native perspective

  • Relationship Guidance

  • Employment and Money Management


Enrolled participants are eligible to receive additional support with:

  • On-site Childcare during classes

  • Refreshments provided at every class

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Connecting with other human service agencies


HFP supports at-risk families by taking the view that fathers:

  • Make a huge impact on their families AND society

  • Are a greatly untapped resource.

  • We need to take the lead in keeping families together.

  • HFP is about change and the improvement of one's self.

  • Our primary purpose is to help families by helping individuals recognize the significance of their sacred roles as fathers and equipping them for economic and relational success.

Hear from a few participants' experiences with our program and few words from Rick Waters.