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A few words from our Co-Executive Director, Rick Waters

“Thank You”

I would like to thank the number of people that have visited the Denver Indian Center Facebook site and taken a moment to read the occasional posts I have placed on the page. I have tried to share information that is relevant, both directly and indirectly to the Denver Indian Center and American Indian topics in general. If my comments can give someone something to think about or provide a bit of cultural history or perspective, then I have met my purpose in writing the pieces. Frequently, I will inject my own thoughts and opinions that have been formulated from research and experience for over 65 years. And if it hasn’t been obvious, I have a natural affinity towards sports and family! I recognize there will be plenty of differing points of view and I will respectfully respond to any feedback and respect the right of anyone to have their own opinion... As I ponder on future thoughts to write about, I am also looking forward to the coming days and months when I will spend time with my grand kids and family, camp and hike in the Rockies, go to tribal gatherings in different states, visit museums, read historical novels, watch old movies, and yes, work at the Denver Indian Center. So that is just a heads up on what you might see in the future…I just noticed some flowers in my yard that are beginning to bloom, and no, not the yellow dandelions! Life is too short, so stop and smell the roses, tell someone you love them, give your kid or loved one a hug, thank the Creator for giving you life each day and remember what Will Rogers once said, “even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”!


Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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