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A few words from our Co-Executive Director, Rick Waters

I have had so many topics and ideas that I wanted to share come to me over the past months that I developed gridlock in my brain! (much like Interstate 25 each day at 5:00) At the same time, I’ve had several people comment that they enjoy the posts and look forward to the next one. So, I will warrior up and get my scatterbrain to focus on one topic to help me get back on track…When you spend time with your Indian friends, the conversation will invariably cover at least one of these three topics, pow-wows, the weather, and sports. This summer, I’ve been to a couple of pow-wows in different states and there has been a common denominator…it’s been hot! You’ve heard the saying, “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”, my experience this summer was leaving 100-degree heat in Denver, to spend 3 days in 102-degree heat and high humidity at the Otoe Encampment. But you know what, I enjoyed every minute because I was with family and friends, (especially my grandkids!), listened to the drum, and even did the two-step with my wife! Later this month I look forward to visiting Crow Fair and enjoying much of the same and especially the Indian Relay races. Now that the Indian Center gym is becoming operational, we look forward to hosting more pow-wows in the upcoming months… Depending upon where you live, this past spring and summer you probably experienced late-season snowfalls, an abundance of tornado warnings, hailstorms, windstorms, and of course, dry spells and heat waves. It seems we keep need to be reminded that we can’t control the weather and the Creator is still in charge….With respect to sports, I’ve enjoyed seeing Facebook posts throughout the summer sharing accomplishments of Indian athletes of all ages in a variety of sports. From baseball, softball, basketball, track, marathons, soccer, lacrosse and even bicycle races (my 2-year-old grandson participated/competed in a National Strider Bike race), I’m always interested in talking sports with anyone. Earlier this summer, three of the top professional lacrosse players in the country who are Native, helped coach and offer motivation to a group of Indian youth at the Creators Game Lacrosse camp sponsored by the Denver Indian Center and the American Indian Academy of Denver. The Thompson brothers, Lyle and Myles, spent time signing autographs and taking pictures with the youth and their families that attended the camp. We look forward to bringing them back again next year… All of the activity this summer is leading to what has come to be known as Indian Summer. If you look up the definition of Indian Summer in the dictionary, it will say either one or two things: a period of warm or mild weather in late autumn or early winter, or a happy or flourishing period occurring toward the end of something. I know that both will happen and especially the second definition with the knowledge that Indian summer for DICI will take place starting with the REDBONE Concert scheduled to take place on September 7 at Ruby Hill, in southwest Denver. Keep following the DICI Facebook page for more announcements on happenings at the Center. Aho, Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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