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A few words from our Co-Executive, Rick Waters

A few words from our Co-Executive Director Rick Waters


Spring is here and we have all come to know and embrace this as a time for renewal, growth, and optimism. Here at the Denver Indian Center, we hosted the first Native Workforce Program Career Fair in over 2 years, with over 30 employers and recruiters attending with information on job and career opportunities… We started our seventh group of participants for the Honoring Fatherhood Program this week and had a full house of fathers taking part in the 8-week program. (There is still room to sign up, so if you’re a father or caretaker of a child please consider joining our group)…we just received notification of a donation of books from a local author’s collection on American Indian tribes and novels. This is a welcome addition to our developing library and resource room…plans are also in the making for hosting some youth-oriented camps and workshops during the summer at the Denver Indian Center…from a generous donation, we were able to purchase new freezer units to allow more storage of food items for our much in demand food bank…for the first time in recent memory, a sitting Denver Mayor visited the Indian Center and met with representatives from DICI and other local Indian organizations to see what the City could do to help partner with our community... The 45th Annual Denver March Pow-wow will be held this weekend and thousands of American Indians from all tribes will be coming together to celebrate and renew old friendships at the Denver Coliseum…and on a lighter note for all you sports fans, March Madness begins in college basketball and baseball opening day is just around the corner…on a personal note, I am eagerly looking forward to the arrival of my second grandchild (who I know will be just the cutest thing), so Spring this year will be especially energizing for me! Take a moment to thank the Creator for his blessings as we all start the next cycle of the four seasons of life…


Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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