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A note from Rick Waters, Co-Executive Director

Giving Thanks…

On Saturday, the Denver Indian Center hosted its annual Thanksgiving Food Basket giveaway and provided 250 turkey dinners to the community. (Many thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Denver for helping make this event possible). In an effort to be equitable and fair in the food distribution, it was announced the free baskets would be handed out from 9:00 am till noon with the notice they would be given “first come, first served”. Despite the frigid temperature and freezing rain, people began lining up at 7:15 am and all 250 dinners were handed out by 9:30. Dozens more people arrived, only to be informed that all dinners had been handed out. Although obviously disappointed, everyone accepted the information with understanding and no negative response. (I should note that in all the years we have provided Thanksgiving dinners, this is the first time we depleted our supply before closing). One elderly lady arriving after the food was gone, did ask… “what am I going to eat? “ Overhearing the question, a person who already received her basket offered and insisted the lady take her food basket. Through an act of kindness, both left feeling good for different reasons.

This week, many of us will be spending time with family, watching football, and eating turkey within the space of a warm and safe home. Some of us may even venture out and take on the traffic and crowds searching for Black Friday specials. Unfortunately, there will be families and individuals in our community that will wake on Thanksgiving Day not knowing where their next meal will come from or where they will sleep at the end of the day, much less worrying about which store they’ll find a great deal. Not to put a damper on the enthusiasm that many of us look forward to in having a day off from work, or that favorite dessert that we may only experience once a year, but a gentle reminder to truly reflect on our blessings and take time in our thankfulness to remember those less fortunate.

The Denver Indian Center is preparing for its annual Christmas food and toy giveaway event on December 15th and we will be planning to make sure supply meets the demand. However, as a non-profit organization, the Center must rely on the kindness and donations from individuals and organizations to make these events possible. As we enter the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, take time to remember those less fortunate and consider a donation to the Denver Indian Center that may help brighten the day of a family or put a smile on a child’s face. For information on the Denver Indian Center or how to donate, please visit our Facebook or website at Denver Indian Center, Inc., or


Rick Waters (Kiowa/Cherokee)

Co-Executive Director

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