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From Rick Waters, Co-Executive Director

Your opinion counts

Everyone is welcome at the Denver Indian Center. Each day, people visit or contact the Center with a wide range of questions or issues and it is our responsibility and commitment to treating everyone who enters our doors with dignity and respect. Whether it is someone needing a job to pay their bills, food or transportation to help them get by, information or answers to questions, or someone just needing help, we will strive to provide answers and respond in a respectful manner. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the direct services or assistance that many request because we simply do not have the resources. More often than not, we must refer those making inquiries to other agencies and sources better suited to assist.

Looking to the future, we will strive to develop programs and services that will serve our community in a more comprehensive way. With our organization’s mission statement in mind, “To empower American Indian, youth, elders, families, and community by promoting self-determination and economic, mental, and physical health through education, advocacy, and cultural enrichment”, please let us know what you would like to see available at the Denver Indian Center. Your input and interest is important, and as Co-Director my door is open and I welcome the opportunity to visit with anyone wanting to share their opinion. Help us build a stronger and more relevant Center with your thoughts and ideas!

Rick Waters (Kiowa/Cherokee)

Co-Executive Director

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