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This summer, I had the honor and privilege to attend the Yo-Yo Ma concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. It was the first of 36 concerts he is performing throughout the world in the next 2 years and Yo-Yo Ma is calling this the Bach Project, with a theme of Discovering the Culture of Us. I know this project will be a success because of the sincerity and Creator inspired vision of Yo-Yo Ma. Recognizing where he was, and understanding the significance of culture in this part of the country, Mr. Ma began this series of 36 concerts with a Lakota Prayer song. If you’re American Indian, you understand the importance of asking the Creator for blessings in whatever endeavor you are undertaking.

As we join Yo-Yo Ma in his vision of working towards a better future, the Denver Indian Center will continue to explore and offer more opportunities to learn and share the American Indian culture. As Yo-Yo Ma has expressed, understanding each other is essential in building a strong society. Continue to follow the Denver Indian Center, Inc. Facebook page and watch for upcoming events and cultural workshops. And please, drop by or give me a call to share your thoughts and opinions on what you feel the Center can be involved in.


Rick Waters (Kiowa/Cherokee)

Co-Executive Director

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