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Some words from Rick Waters, Co-Executive Director

Updated: Feb 4, 2019


What if I told you the left wing and the right wing belonged to the same bird…Obviously, I cannot talk politics but why does there seem to be so much chaos in our world. For most things to work smoothly, there must be a balance. Birds must maintain balance and coordination to fly using both wings, which for most species, is necessary to survive. As Indian people, our ancestors survived by holding to the belief that balance was key to everything we do, including making choices for ourselves and family. Many tribes would look to the circle of life or medicine wheel for guidance and as a reminder to what is important in pursuing and maintaining a healthy life. Being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually grounded or balanced, helps prepare individuals and groups of people to make better decisions that affect how we live with ourselves and those around us. Our ancestors followed this belief, but somewhere along the way we have strayed away from this way of thinking. Just like a bumpy ride caused by a wheel that is out of balance, if we are out of balance by lacking, or focusing too much in one of the four core areas (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), our ability to make healthy and discerning choices will continue to be difficult and we will face the consequences. Take a moment to see where you are in the balance of things…


Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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A few words from our Executive Director, Rick Waters

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